DEFT-edc-X Enthusiast

Note this product is now Discontinued.

The OMG Lumens DEFT-edc-X is an even higher performance version of the already stunningly powerful edc-X. The increased performance comes from a new high definition glass optic. This has enabled a performance increase of 30,000cd to 400,000cd typical!!! This is the most potent throw light at this size in the world.  

One other refinment to note is the addition of a black-out to all internal reflective surfaces not related to the main beam. This gives the most refined aspheric beam in the industry that is almost devoid of the artifacts found in all other aspheric lights. See pictures above comparing the regular edc to the Enthusiast.  In addition to this there is an additional flourish on the body to identify this as the alpha dog in the edc lineup. This is a light for those who want the best of the best.

Shipments starts in two weeks. But act fast as this will only be available until tomorrow the 16th midnight Dallas Texas time as that is when our contract for a key technology used in these lights runs out.

Performance of 400Kcd typical! (+/-7%)

DEFT-edc-X Enthusiast

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